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Security Predictions for 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The next year, 2023, is going to be a tricky one for businesses and individuals alike. With the economy still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, companies will be more cautious about spending money, including on cybersecurity. But that doesn't mean cybercriminals will be taking a break. They are always looking for weaknesses in computer systems to exploit, and as more and more companies expand their online presence, there are more opportunities for them to strike.

One of the biggest changes in the past few years has been the shift to remote work. With so many people working from home, it's harder to keep track of who has access to sensitive information. Additionally, as new technologies are developed, they can also create new opportunities for cybercriminals to attack.

Trend Micro specializes in cybersecurity and with their software, we're ablt to generate reports looking at what we can expect in terms of cyber threats in 2023. We take into account the current state of the world and how it will affect how cyber-criminals operate, as well as the latest technologies and how they can be used to attack.  Our ability to forecast upcoming issues for your business, before problems happen, is a service we would love to talk to you about.

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