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Blog posts tagged with '#techsupport'

Price increase for TrendMicro security

Trend Micro just announced that for the first time in about a dozen years, they’re raising the price of their antivirus suite.  Though it’s not our favorite news to get we suppose it could have been worse.  The increase will take effect January 2023.

While there are less expensive options out there (including “free” antivirus software), price to performance matters more than price alone.  Not all antivirus offers a full suite of protection for in-office computers, remote users, virtual machines running on your servers and those in the cloud, and for things you may not know you need, like safeguarding SaaS – aka “software as a service” which has boomed since work-from-home has become so popular.

What makes sense for an at-home family computer that mostly connects to YouTube, Amazon or a typical website compared to a complex business with servers, remote users, SasS, etc sending and receiving lots of sensitive along with business systems that cannot under any circumstances be put at risk are two totally different things.

Trend email - rate increase