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One of our largest areas of service is Azure Clould Solutions

  • Web App
  • Cloud SQL
  • Built in SSL
  • FTP
  • Data Lakes
  • Hyper-V
  • Active Directory

We will review your business and overall requirements in an assessment. We will gain an understanding of the applications that can be moved to the cloud and fine-tune configuration at Azure to inclued CPU, storage, memory, instance type, virtual machines and so on.  We will obtain all credentials required for configuration of the third-party tool and assist with the installation and configuration of third-party software. We will analyze make recommendations for alternative configurations based on budgeting and/or financial goals. You will receive recommendations on additional or removal of VMs based upon your cloud strategy. We'll suggest potential solutions based on current configurations and desires. 

About Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is one of the easiest clouds to get up and running. Once in place, it's also among the easiest to manage. Microsoft, unlike the Linux Foundation upon which most other clouds are based, has for many years spent time on user-friendly system administrative tools and towards offering unbeatable tutorial and support information.  Organizations standardized on Windows Server are no-brainer candidates for Microsoft Azure once they begin moving infrastructure to the cloud. However, Azure is also friendly to other operating platforms, especially Linux, and has a growing arsenal of ancillary


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Azure Web App Serivce

A range of hosted solutions for you to choose from. Choose your business needs.

Azure SQL Basic

Entry Level 2GB SQL Storage

Azure SQL Standard

Standard + Level SQL Storage
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